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This page is to let you know who is compteing and showing and how they are doing. 

NEW Champions
IntCH Drehbar's Keepin the Faith (IVY)
IntCH Drehbar's Just A Small Town Girl (Journey)
NatCH Drehbar's Nala Queen of the Forest (LH)
IntCH Azzuro Blu Notte

We are please to anounce that two of our pups Drehbar's Dutches von Flaum and Drehbar's Golden Dream Girl have received their Champion titles in UKC and are currently placed in the top 10 with UKC - Many thanks to Judy Dill & Haylee Dill for their handling and loving of these two beautiful long hair girls.

We are pleased to announce that three of our dogs received International Champion Conformation titles with IABCA on 1-22-12 in Dayton Ohio!


Showing in UKC this year will be Bo (Drehbar's Forged by Fire Bocephus) Lenny (Raki's Place a Dream Come True LH) Ally (Drehbar's Ally Girl) Cleo & Bree
Showing in IABCA this year will be Feebie & Buddy

Remington - working out for 2010 seson

After workout - and just 10 weeks after whelping

We love to place pups with people interested in the world of dog handling and showing please let us know if you have questions regarding showing your new puppy.

Both Ally and Bea (her daughter) competed in the conformation show at Whitmore Lake 2-21 & 2-22.  Bea and her Junior Handler Audrey (15) placed first in their class and got reserve in breed.  Doni and Ally place first in their class and took reserve in breed.  This was Bea and Audrey's fourth conformation and they are doing really well and having fun.  Ally did well and enjoyed being a spoiled only dog for the weekend.

Ally & Doni - Bea & Audrey

Baroness Beatrix who is an Ally X Duke pup that is just shy of her 1st brithday, took best in breed and best in show with her junior handler Audrey!  They will be competing again in December and we can't wait to see these guys again!  I am so proud of both Audrey for her hard work she put into showing and Bea for her love of Audrey - way to go girls - See Pics below - Can anyone say future champion? Update Audrey did it!  CH Drehbar's Baroness Beatrix - will compete in 2010 for her GRCH title with UKC and her CH title with AKC

Audrey & Bea

Showing is FUN!


Hi Doni,
We want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.
We are doing good hoping to get Bea and Audrey into at least one show a month. Tom and I have to sit down with the schedules. We are going to do AKC and UKC. I think I am going to do a Canine Good Citizen Odencience class with Bea. Audrey is doing good with her but I think she needs more obedience work and with show class and school I don't want to overload Audrey.
Audrey has really surpassed what we thought she would do with Bea. The two of them do complament each other. Both are sponges sucking up each others love and attention.
Again happy holidays.
Judy, Tom, Audrey and The Baroness Beatrix

Drehbar's Ally is a winner took 4th in the Southern Michigan Weim Club Derby held this weekend in Ionia 10-4-08 - We are proud of her for her first time out in competition.  Way to go Girl!  We will post some pics from her upcoming run schedule for next weekend.  Stay tuned for more results on Ally's Progress.

Below are a few pics from Ally's Derby run this weekend.  October 18th - I attended the Feild trial and Rode a horse for the first time since my injury 4 years ago.  Needless to say my first trial cured me of my fears and with the help of my old horse buds  I have made arrangements to bring my new horse "Dirty White Boy" home this week!  I will try to better on the pictures next time but shooting from the back of a horse was a whole new concept for me!

Dan & Ally Ready to go!

Ally on Point 10-18-08 Ionia Field Trial Grounds

Dan DiMambro and Ally 10-18-08

Bea - "she who bring happiness"
Audrey is happy when showing and being with Bea!

Doni with Ally Girl

Audrey with Bea

Thanks Dan- You're the Best!